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Please note, HAII LAB is now closed as the lab director, Dr Lei Shi, moved to Newcastle University. For details, please visit this webpage.

The norms and values of embracing AI in the world we live in still undergoes evolution. On the one hand, we want to increase the use of AI to improve the efficacy of human intelligence, but on the other hand, we are conscious for serious challenges including privacy and security concerns as well as biases in the data fed into, and the result generated by, the AI, which might cause societal inequities. At the heart of our research is the attempt to use computer science, data science, design science and behavioural science to understand and disseminate deep knowledge of interactive, ethical, and responsible AI and its Human-Centred approaches to its applications. This in turn informs the design of new resilient AI for social good.

The award-winning Human-AI Interaction (Haii, pronounced /hʌɪ/) Lab, headed by Dr Lei Shi, has been at the forefront of improving the interactions between humans and AI by integrating Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) approaches with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies ​that facilitate effective collaboration and co-creation. We are particularly interested in the empirical understanding of the future of AI-powered interactive systems with ethical, legal, and societal values, through developing and experimenting with intelligent software and hardware that enable and advance creativity, productivity, adaptability, participation, diversity, inclusion, and heterogeneity, in a range of areas including education, design, publicity and wellbeing. Going forwards, the lab continues to work with a variety of commercial and government bodies to expend the impact.