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AGENCY: Assuring Citizen Agency in a World with Complex Online Harms

The online world is a curious but uncertain world. It enriches many facets of life but at the same time exposes citizens to a variety of threats that may cause harm to them, their loved ones and to wider society. Many of these harms result from a complex interaction of societal processes driven by diverse stakeholders-we call these Complex Harms. In this project, we look to provide a profound understanding of the role of online agency in protecting citizens and will deliver collaborative methods, technological building blocks and scientifically grounded best practices for our society to provide more proactive and structured approaches to protecting citizens online.

Funded by EPSRC. Ref: EP/W032481/1
Official Project page:
Full Economic Costing: £3,437,482.80
Starts: 01 April 2022
Ends: 31 March 2025