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ChengHao Xiao

Mr ChengHao Xiao


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I am a first-year PhD student of Haii lab. I’m enthusiastic about computational linguistics/natural language processing, and research built upon NLP and sociology. I envision myself to be an interdisciplinary researcher that leverages state-of-the-art language models to conduct research that brings positive impact to the society.

Research interests

  • NLP for social good
  • user-language model collaboration
  • semi-supervised learning/transfer learning


My first line of research aims to leverage state-of-the-art to improve efficiency of information extraction (My paper “Fine-grained Key Idea Extraction and Clustering of Online Course Reviews” has been accepted as a long paper and will be presented in AIED 2022).

My other line of research lies in tackling inequality of information acquisition. I am currently focusing on my project “Escape from information cocoon with language models“. With current recommender systems trapping human in information cocoons, I envision a novel framework that is regularized by language models, for promoting equality in information acquisition and information mobility between different social classes.