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PhD Project 1 – Yunzhan Zhou

3D User Interface Optimization in VR environment

Recently, the concept ‘’metaverse” has prevailed around the technology community. As one of its key supporting techniques, Virtual reality (VR) has also drawn attention in the past several years, providing users with an immersive experience through head-mounted displays (HMDs). 

Graphical user interfaces (GUIs) play an essential role in interactive computing systems through which the users communicate with computing devices, using graphical elements like symbols, menus, and images. Typical GUI components include windows, icons, widgets, and tabs. The design of GUIs critically affects systems’ usability, usefulness, and learnability.

This project focuses on 3D User Interface Optimization in VR environment, towards designing 3D GUIs, typically VR GUIs in an optimization way.


Mr Zexi He

UG student at Durham CS