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Profile – Yunzhan Zhou

Yunzhan Zhou

PhD Student in the Department of Computer Science

He has built a 3D eye-tracking dataset collected when users were navigating through a VR mu-seum. Based on the dataset, He proposed several methods for predicting subsequent behaviour attention. He is now working on improving the prediction methods and understanding the visual behaviour mechanism in VR.

The dataset can be found here:

Research interests

Virtual Reality, Human-Computer Interaction, Visual Attention, Eye Tracking, User Interface.


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  • Sun, Lingyun, Zhou, Yunzhan, Hansen, Preben, Geng, Weidong & Li, Xiangdong (2018). Cross-objects user interfaces for video interaction in virtual reality museum context. Multimedia Tools and Applications77(21): 29013.


Personal website

Department Page

3D User Interface Optimization in VR environment

This project focuses on 3D User Interface Optimization in VR environment, towards designing 3D GUIs, typically VR GUIs in an optimization way.

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Recognition of User Behaviour in a VR museum

The project is based on the dataset EDVAM, aiming to understand and recognise user behaviour in a VR museum for a better user interactive experience.

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Application of gesture recognition technology in immersive virtual reality system

In this project, We will explore gesture recognition in immersive virtual reality systems (IVRS).

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